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I’ve never had many struggles with my skin but sometimes, I do get the occasional breakouts. I am always on the lookout for new products which which really make a difference to my skin. I have been tempted by so many products just because they look good, but unfortunately don’t work very well for my skin. I feel comfortable with my skin, but sometimes when I break out, I wouldn’t dare leave the house without some makeup on covering up my blemishes.

I don’t know why I tend to get breakouts, it could be hormonal, stress related or from not drinking enough water. I was recently gifted a set from Forever Sonya, containing four products. I have been using them all and have decided to give you an honest review.

As everybody’s skin type is different, it doesn’t mean what works on someone else’s skin will work for another – I’m often combination, but tend to have an oily T-Zone throughout Summer months and a dry T-Zone throughout Winter.

Refreshing Gel Cleanser – this is best used mornings + evenings. It contains amino acids which is designed to help cleanse combination skin. It helps to make the skin feel gentle and smooth.

Illuminating gel – this is designed to restore natural brilliance. It works really well and helps to renew the skin’s appearance – it reduced the redness. It contains asian botanics which helps to reduce appearance of large pores.

Refining gel mask – leverages the natural functions of the body while sleeping to help support balance. The aim of this mask is to control the oil and to brighten the appearance of the skin. This was my favourite product of the 4, it was so refreshing on the skin.

Gel moisturiser – I use this product last and it looks like a moisturiser but is a gel formula. It contains collagen which is used to improve the appearance of skin. A little bit really does go a long way – it really helps to keep the moisture in the face and is very brightening!

*Items in this blog post are gifted, but all opinions are my own.

Using a Jade Roller | Review


One of the trends I keep seeing over Insta is people using a jade roller as part of their skincare routine. Before seeing them all over Insta, I had no clue what one was – or did! Essentially, a jade roller is used to boost the blood circulation, reduce under eye swelling and to help absorb skincare products more evenly into your skin.

I decided to purchase a jade roller and to find out for myself if it really does make a difference! I have incorporate this step after applying my moisturisers (morning and evening), I have added it in here to hope it helps the moisturiser sink into my skin much quicker – the jade roller has two sides, one with ridges, which should be used first to bring the blood to the surface, then the softer side to even it out. Some people suggest putting the jade roller in the fridge so it is cold and soothing on the skin – but I have just decided to use it normally first, to see if I have any benefits before using it in different ways.

I started using this product on a Monday to give myself an accurate review of this product. After the first use, I could feel my skin pulsing as the blood was brought to the surface – I used the ridged side until my face became red (not aggresively) and then used the smoother side. When I woke up Tuesday morning, I felt like my skin was much softer. After using this product daily for over the past 2 weeks, I am glad I now use it!

When I wake up in the mornings, I find my under eyes feel much more ‘awake’ and that my skin instantly feels plumper. I also make sure to use this product downwards, I use it straight down my chin and onto my neck – I feel it has also helped with the tightening of my skin around that area.

For something so inexpensive, I feel like this is definitely something you should now be using as part of your skincare routine!

Aldi Lacura Charcoal Mask |


Everyone loves a good bargain, right? When I started seeing Aldi’s own brand Lacura circling Insta’, I just had to jump on the bandwagon.

I love affordable skincare (if it works and isn’t tacky). There are so many great products for affordable prices which now rival high end products. The charcoal cleansing mud mask is very similar to the Glamglow face masks – yet at a fraction of the price. I had to grab it. It is now currently sold out on line but check your local stores to pick up the mask and the rest of the charcoal range.

After trying the range, I thought I would do a full review for you – I have wanted to try glamglow for SO long, but at £37+, it can definitely stay on the shelves. I already have so many other amazing favourite face masks (lush, body shop, garnier) that I didn’t think I would be missing out – some may disagree.

Onto the mask – the tub is 50ml, which is a decent size and hopefully won’t dry up. I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful what I put near my face, but after trying this mask, I know it’s safe for me to use. I used a good amount over the whole of my face, and I found that after applying, it made my face slightly tingle (it didn’t turn my face red after – result!). It contains eucalyptus and globulus leaf oil (another eucalyptus oil) so I gathered this is why it made my face tingle. Once the mask was dry, it was absolutely fine.

With any face mask, my trick is not to overuse.  It’s proven that between 1-3 a week is good – but I only use it once a week.  I find that once I’ve washed my face with a warm cloth, my face feels considerably softer and re-hydrated. The features include:

  • Reduce appearance of imperfections
  • Absorbs excess sebum oils (In A/W, my face becomes really dry and I thought this may make it worse, but it hasn’t)
  • Balance problem prone skin
  • Help to remove dead skin cells

At £5.99, it was definitely worth it. There is a whole range of the charcoal skincare – I managed to pick up the micellar water and the mud to foam cleanser, but haven’t had chance to use either yet, once I have I will definitely write another post. If you have tried anything from this range, or have found any other dupes which are worth buying, then please let me know!