The Entertainment Files | 2


Hi everyone, & Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all been having a great week and that you have some lovely things planned for this weekend. Today I’m back with my next instalment of the entertainment files, as I’ve been doing quite a bit of uni work – I’ve had the chance to watch/listen to quite a new few things and can’t wait to share them with you.


MILE HIGHER – I previously heard both Zoe & Alfie say they really enjoy listening to this podcast and decided to give it a go. It covers things from conspiracy theory’s to murder, and even aliens. The podcasts are really lengthy which is great to just have on in the background – I listens to the Chris Watts Murder case and couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard anything about it before listening to it! The episodes are really detailed and are so interesting if you enjoy all things murder related!

THE GIRLS BATHROOM – By Sophia & Cinzia. I was really buzzing for this to start, I absolutely love watching their rants when they do ‘boy talks’ and spill the tea.. The episodes are based around questions from people where they can answer them and give them advice! I find it really interesting and love how both girls are just completely straight and give their honest opinion on the matter!


THE PERFECT DATE – the perfect chic’ flick to watch! I loved this film so much – I figured out the ending straight away once I realised what the concept was! The ending was so cute and may have bought 1 or 2 tears to my eyes!

(I’m still currently binge watching Gossip Girl, once I finish it, I will report back my opinions)


ELLIE UNDERCOVER: THE MULTI-LEVEL MILLIONAIRES – I found this documentary SO interesting as last year I was in the position where I thought joining an online business would bring me loads of money, help keep me secure and make things much easier, BUT I soon realised that it makes you feel isolated, stressed and you’re under so many different rules which need to be followed or people can turn really nasty. It just goes to show that it’s not all rosy – Yes, you may be the 1% of people who does well but if you’re interested in things like this, then definitely watch it!

THE VICTIM – This was a 4 part drama which tries to establish a man who had killed a woman’s son – there was so many twists throughout that I was quite shocked by the ending. I liked how it wasn’t too dragged out, but there was enough information that it was easy to follow!


GANGLAND – Again another crime related programmes. If you’re ever wondering what I’m watching it’ll either be crime/murder related or something really chic’ flicky – nothing in between! I found this really interesting, to see how many gangs there are in and around the UK. I found it really heartbreaking that so many young teenagers are dying due to knife crime, the last thing you want to hear is that someone you know/love has been stabbed. It’s just really eye-opening that things like this happen, but we don’t hear anything about it on the news!


THE BAY – with ITV I always wait for the full series to be on the ITV hub so I can just binge watch the whole thing and not have to wait. When I watched this, I really did enjoy it so much, until the ending. I was really disappointed in how it ended and thought there would have been more of a plot twist, but I was wrong.

THE WIDOW – I think this is one of my favourite series I’ve watched on ITV, I was literally HOOKED from the very beginning, there was SO many plot twists, things happening that were really out of the blue and literally kept you on your seat until the very end! I had absolutely no idea how it was going to pan out – such a beautiful ending and I’m glad it ended the way it did!

Have you watched anything recently which you really enjoyed?

May Favourites |


I can’t believe it’s near the end of the month again – I only did my April favourites a couple of weeks ago so it feels like May’s favourites have just creeped up really quickly. Never the less, I’ve had some really great favourites this month and have bought new products which I have been loving so much!

Makeup Revolution: Conceal & Define Concealer in Shade C2. After trying the Foundation a couple of months ago, I really liked it and wanted to try the concealer – it took me forever to find my match, it was always sold out, but I managed to get hold of one and I’m so glad I finally have this product in my hand. It is SO high coverage, it really does cover all the little blemishes and helps to brighten up under the eyes. I have also been using this as a foundation when I’ve only wanted to wear a little bit of makeup, it sets really well and doesn’t go oily throughout the day – definitely worth £4!

My next product is also from Makeup Revolution, the next product I’ve absolutely fallen in love with is the Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eye Pencil in Dark Brown. When I picked up the concealer, it was 3 for 2 so I picked up a few other bits and decided to try out a different eyebrow pencil. As my eyebrows are naturally quite fluffy, I don’t really have to fill them in anyway, except for the ends – I find that they’re still quite thin so I have been using this product to make small strokes and to make my eyebrow look thicker! This product is so easy to use and will repurchase this again!

My next favourite is the Victoria Secrets Pure Seduction Fragrance Lotion. Now that the weather has started to get a little cooler, I find it so important to make sure I moisturise often, I’m always on the look out for something which is quick drying and not sticky, and I remembered I had picked up some of the VS products from the airport when I went on holiday – so I have been religiously using this and have found that it really does help to make sure the skin stays smooth and a little goes a long way.

Over the past couple of months I have been really loving food jewellery. The earrings I have been wearing to death this month have been the Face Shaped Earrings – although they are pretty ugly, I just LOVE them! I seen them trending on Instagram and knew I had to pick them up, they’re really hard wearing and they’re not heavy so are easy to wear! There are so many different designs but I’m loving the gold!

My final favourite this month was a book. I read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. It was a re-read for me as I read it early last year but didn’t remember much about it. I really did enjoy this book, although it was a little slow to start, once the story picked up it was really good – there’s not really a massive plot twist, but there is a lot going on and it was really enjoyable!

Let me know if you had any firm favourites in May!

The Entertainment Files | 1


Instead of including all of my favourite documentaries/films etc into my monthly favourites, I’ve decided to give them their own post – this way I can give better opinions and have a bit of a natter.


THEY WALK AMONG US – although I did previously mention this in one of my favourites, I decided it needed its own place here. I absolutely love this podcast, each episode is 40 minutes long and discusses real UK crime which has happened over the years. Some of them are from the 1970’s yet some of them discuss crimes which happened as late as 2017-18. Some of them are more detailed and explain more information, whereas others are pretty brief. There are so many episodes and are very easy to listen to.

GETTING LIPPY WITH.. IMOGEN – This is a new podcast which came up in my recommendations. I listened to the first episode and loved it, I can’t wait for the rest to air! Its a podcast which deals with venting, chatting and sharing daily struggles. It’s all real life and some of the topics may help you!


GOSSIP GIRL – I think I’m very late on the gossip girl front, but oh my. I can’t believe it took me so long to watch it – I’m currently on season 3 and it really does remind me of Pretty Little Liars, Blair is my favourite and I *wishhhh* I could own every single headband she wears!

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MADELINE MCCAN – When I heard this was airing on Netflix, I was so excited! I didn’t expect it to be 8 episodes, but I watched all of them in 2 nights! I have very mixed opinions regarding the disappearance, I do believe her parents had some involvement – but what? I’m not so sure! I did really enjoy the documentary and found it very informative but I would have liked to have seen Kate or Gerry in an interview!

DEATH WISH – I don’t often watch films, as I much prefer series etc! But, I did enjoy this film! It has Bruce Willis in which really made it for me – I love how action packed it was and was kept very much in suspense. 


BAPTISE – this is a series set in Amsterdam searching for a missing sex worker: I believe it is supposed to be a spin off of ‘The Missing’ which is also on BBC, but I haven’t watched that! Still, I was able to follow the story line and there was plenty of twists and turns which were unexpected.

R-KELLY: SEX, GIRLS + VIDEOTAPES – This was a documentary which explores allegations surrounding the sex life of R&B R Kelly, including accusations of holding women against their will in his home in Atlanta and running a degrading sex cult. In my opinion, it seems evidence was pretty low – and that the girl ‘who was held against her will’ went back to R-Kelly’s home willingly. I suppose its hard to understand whether things like this have really happened until you know the full story.

LINE OF DUTY – I have heard so many people raving about this and I believe a new season has currently just started. I have just finished binge watching Season 1 and its safe to say I love it! I was so ingrosed with all the bits n bobs going on and definitely DID NOT expect the ending of Season 1! I can’t wait to watch the rest and finally be able to talk to people about it! Currently: “don’t tell me, I’ve not watched it yet”!!


LEAVING NEVERLAND: MICHAEL JACKSON AND ME – A documentary following the stories of two young boys who were befriended by Michael Jackson. In all honesty, this documentary made me mad, really mad. I have very strong opinions on whether Michael Jackson did carry out the allegations he was accused of – but as he is dead, I believe its disgusting as he can’t defend himself towards this documentary. It was very insightful, but I’m not sure its something I fully believe.


CHEAT – a four part drama unraveling a story with plenty of twists and turns. Molly Windsor is becoming one of those actresses I feel we need to look out for – she’s amazing and plays really good parts (she also played in Three Girls on Netflix). I loved the story line and I felt it was something different with a good twist!

There are plenty more series/documentaries etc on my list and cannot wait to watch them and report back again, soon!