2019 Lookback and Goals for 2020!

January 6, 2020

Happy New Year! Welcome back to my blog, today I’m gonna be sharing with you my 2019 Lookback and goals for 2020. Me and Emily have shared our video over on our YouTube channel, But I thought I would just write a post so that I could go into a little more detail about the things that we’ve discussed. When looking back on the year that’s just passed, it’s easy to dwell on the things that have gone wrong, yet most of the time we all achieve something which is worth talking about. We decided to split our lookback into 3 categories.

Two things we’ve learnt this year – 1) Always air your issues when they arise. It’s so important to tell people when you’re unhappy with a situation, this will make you feel less stressed about things that could easily be spoken about. It allows you to communicate with others and can help your relationship grow. 2) It’s ok to say no. Your mental health is so important and it’s crucial that you’re not doing too much to burn yourself out. It’s ok not to have plans all of the time, sometimes you need to stop and just take five for yourself!

Something that we’ve improved on – I hate when I have to look at the things I’ve done well in, as usually I’m so self-sabotaging that I refuse to tell myself I need credit for things. In 2019, I’ve improved on being able to talk about things. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about anything big, but I am much more conscious about my own feelings when I’m put into a situation. I feel like with me being much more open and honest about my feelings it really does help me have a positive mindset about situations!

Some of the things we’re proud of this year. 1) Completing my Masters Degree. I found this one of the most challenging obstacles I’ve had to face while also dealing with some pretty serious personal things. But, I am so proud to say that, despite it all, I completed my Masters and passed with flying colours! It’s such a bitter sweet moment as I know that chapter of my life is now over, but it leaves me feeling optimistic of what is to come! 2) I’m also so proud to say that I truly feel like everyone I have around me now will be with me throughout my life, and contribute to me growing as a person so much!

Going into 2020, it’s so important to set yourself some personal goals for the year! My goals for this year are:

  1. Hopefully be signed off from counselling! This is such a personal goal for me, and I’m really going to push myself this year and hope that by the end of year I feel in a good enough kindest and know I have so many resources and options for when my mental health isn’t great.
  2. To continue my Slimming World journey! I lost over 3 stone in 2019, and I’m so excited to get fitter, stronger and even more healthier in 2020!
  3. For me and Emily to hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. We’re so excited to continue our journey together!
  4. Do more. Make the most of moments and enjoy celebrations for every occasion!
  5. Be more conscious about what I’m spending my money on! To not buy things that I don’t need! I have so much skincare and beauty products that I need to use up so it’ll be good for me not to buy any new products for a while!

2019 lookback video.

2020 goals video.

Share with me any goals you have for the year ahead! I’m so excited to finally sit back down and share my blog posts with you all! See you soon, Sophs x


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