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July 1, 2019

Hello, & Happy Monday! Can you believe we’re now in JULY? We’re actually half way through 2019 already, it’s quite scary when you think how quick time goes. I took a break last week from blogging as I had quite a bit to do in personal life and I just feel that when I blog, I want to put 100% in and didn’t feel like it would have been last week. I have Wednesday’s and Friday’s post ready and scheduled but had no idea what I was going to talk about today, so I just thought I’d go with it today.

I seen a quote on Pinterest that said something like “6 months ago you wish you were where you are now” and that literally struck a cord with me. I think it’s so important to just concentrate on the here and now and just remember how far you have actually come. I’ve realised that recovery isn’t linear and that sometimes just because you take a couple of steps back does not mean you’re back where you started – you’re always a step forward than you were yesterday. Sometimes we can get so caught up in situations that before you know it, time has passed and things could have been so much different. Its so important not to worry about something before it happens as I seen another quote which said “if you worry about it before it happens then you’re putting yourself through the situation twice” and I have been trying to remember this every time something happens.

Time flies by so quick that its so important to try and enjoy even just the simple things in life – remember that every day you should be grateful for something. I have found that writing down a gratitude each day helps me remember the smallest things that happen, and it helps you put more important things into perspective. Although it’s easy to get worked up about things, it’s also so important to understand how to carry on when you feel like giving up. You may find that you’re having a difficult day or week, you may lose friends, love, and lose yourself, but along the way you will learn to gain self compassion, the ability to believe in your strength and wisdom. There are moments throughout recovery where we all feel like we want to give up, or wanted to give in. Sometimes its hard not to self-destruct, give into the pain you’re feeling or even to admit defeat.

It’s hard to feel like picking yourself up when you feel at rock bottom – sometimes you have to learn that friendships don’t last forever, and that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot run away from your past or problems! Eventually, they will catch up with you and the feeling is just absolutely sole destroying – even when you feel like you have boundaries in to protect yourself, sometimes they don’t even feel like an option.

If you’re feeling shit right now – just don’t give up. You may feel vulnerable or in pain right now, but remember you are ok, you will not be defeated. I sometimes find that when I’m not feeling so level headed, these next few things help me massively!

Vulnerability doesn’t mean you’re weak – I truly believe that there is a misconception that because you’re a vulnerable person, that you’re weak – but I completely disagree and believe that if you can show vulnerability then you are a strong person – you know real pain but you can continue to live your life and deal with things in the way you know how. Always be yourself, let yourself cry, and let yourself be vulnerable.

Nothing lasts forever – that feeling where you feel like its all too much is devastating, but remember that nothing lasts forever. The feeling will pass – it may feel like its going on forever, but remind yourself over and over again that this pain won’t last forever.

Use your pain and turn it into something you’re passionate about – we may not believe it, but sometimes when we’re in pain or experiencing trauma, we actually work much harder. Always try and turn any negative energy into something positive and do what makes you feel happy. We all have passions, and just because you’re in pain, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to do what you want to do!

I honestly find that you grow stronger every day, even if you don’t know it! If you have any affirmations you use or remind yourself daily of things that help you to keep going – then please share them with me as I would love to know what helps!

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