Mental Health Monday’s | Having a safe place

mental health

Hi, Happy Bank Holiday Monday, I hope you’re all enjoying it – and enjoying an extra day off work (unfortunately, not for me). I can’t believe how well last weeks post went down, I was honestly not expecting anyone to read it – so the support is honestly amazing, thank you so muchhhh!

I have so many topics that I want to share for MHM’s & so I have decided that every week I’m going to do a poll over on my Instagram and let you decide – this week people’s votes were for having a safe space. For as long as I can remember, having a safe place just calms me instantly. Having a safe space is so important to me, especially when I know my mood is beginning to strike.

My safe place is my bedroom, just for the fact I know I am safe while I’m in there – my nan & grandad are still in the house, but I know I’m still alone, if that makes sense? My nan can often tell when I need my own space before even I do, and I just find myself wandering into my room, lighting some candles and getting cosy. Having my own safe space helps me with self care, it lets me relax, unwind and to chill out. I find that if my environment is clean and tidy, then it relaxes me so much more. Obviously this isn’t always the case – but the majority of the time, it’s nice and clean. I like to spray nice scents which also help me relax – sometimes this can just be something I’m loving the smell of, or something which has memories behind it.

It’s so important to fill your space with things that represent who you are or what you like. By doing this you are creating happy places and allowing yourself to do what makes you happy.

‘’I try to never take for granted that I have a safe place to come home to, and a warm bed to sleep in’’

Having your own space is so important, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Having a safe place doesn’t mean it has to be somewhere big, just somewhere that calms your mind – usually, if i’m feeling quite bad then I also try to avoid my safe space as I know it is also a trigger to me. As you get further into recovery, you may find that your safe place doesn’t bring you happiness anymore – I have found that it is because you’re so used to something that the thought of it being taken away becomes a big panic.

After not having a safe place for so long and not feeling safe in my environment, I am so blessed to know that now, I have my room as my safe place and that people understand that sometimes you just need to be alone and to embrace that – I really enjoy reading and writing in my little nook, this seems to help lift my mood.

Tell me one place which helps make you to feel a little safer, or even somewhere you feel most at peace – if you feel you don’t have a safe place, start to make little changes and try and explore more, you may find that on your stroll to the shop or walking the dog that you find somewhere that instantly calms you, or alternatively, try and make your room feel as comfortable as possible – this doesn’t mean you have to go and redecorate your room or buy things to make it look prettier, just use comforting things to make yourself feel better – I find that candles are definitely my safe haven and I love lighting them, they instantly make me feel warm!

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