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Thoughtful Thursdays | A Mindful Instinct

May 16, 2019

This weeks Thoughtful Thursdays’ seems very fitting as it’s Mental Health Week. We all know that being mindful generally helps with our mental health, but using your instinct should be something we should always trust – remember that when we’re making choices by following our instincts we are living mindfully.

Flower Walk – In bygone centuries, walking through gardens was something that people did for pleasure. Be sure to find yourself an outdoor area where you can simply walk up and down for 10 minutes, paying close attention to the soles of your feet as you breathe naturally if you’re feeling tense – start at a normal/fast pace and gradually slow down.

Making effort – we tend to link the degree or effort to the level of success, yet in meditation and mindfulness striving too hard can get in the way – we then think about how we should be feeling rather than allowing ourselves to experience what it is. Finding the right level of effort is a question of experimentation.

Occupy hands – technological advances means we have entertainment on tap *TV and binge watching*, which can make us feel sluggish. Yet leaves us too weird to sleep. Using your hands to help you engage enough to keep us occupied, but allow the brain to reach a calm, meditative state.

I’m also posting every night this week on Instagram, each night focusing on something in relation to Mental Health – feel free to come over and say hello! @_s0phierebecca.

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