Thoughtful Thursdays | The Hawaii Spirit

mental health

Happy Thursday – this week we are concentrating on ‘The Hawaiian Spirit’, when we think of Hawaii, we think of all the gorgeous beaches and the calming oceans. There are many ways in which we can embrace the Hawaiian spirit.

The aloha way – In Hawaii, the mellifious word ‘Aloha’ is used to say hello and also as a goodbye. The meaning of Aloha is love, peace and compassion. At every hello or goodbye, take a moment to breathe deeply, and smile.

When the sun goes down – the sunset in Hawaii, are always so beautiful, but so are ours on some evenings. Try and get out and watch the sunset once a week – you can use the natural transition from day-to-night to help let go of stress and thoughts. You can use this moment to focus on relaxing.

Shut your eyes – most of us find it easier to meditate when we close our eyes because we are then shutting our strong visual stimuli. Even closing your eyes briefly can be a great de-stress.

The sun is shining today – which is the perffffect evening to watch the sun go down!

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