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March 2, 2019

Can you believe another month of 2019 is over already? This month hasn’t been as great as January in some senses, but its always best to remember the positives than the negatives. This month I have more favourites in regards to TV/Books etc, I have tried much harder this month to spend more time away from social media and to concentrate on things which need more attention – such as self love.

My beauty favourites this month have been:

Huda Beauty Lip Liner – I received this lip liner in February’s Glossybox and I couldn’t wait to try it! It is the perfect buttery consistency and lasts practically all day! I have been pairing this with Velvet Teddy and have had so many compliments! I have the shade Venus, this will be one I continue to purchase once it runs out!

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid – this perfume has been my go to all month! With notes of sweet, floral and honey – it has been the perfect transition into the lighter weather! With it being an Eau De Parfum – it lasts all day and you only need 2-3 sprays!

Gold Jewellery – I have picked up so many gorgeous pieces of jewellery in Primark this past month or so and have literally been wearing them to death! I’m obsessed with the ‘S’ necklace which is designed in a bamboo style, and for £3 you definitely cannot complain! I have loved wearing simple outfits and having a bit of jewellery on, it seems to really take the outfit to the next level!

Next this month, I have been using Headspace – a free app which can be found on the App Store. I heard of this through adverts on YouTube and decided to give it a go – I have been using it 3/4 times a week when I have a spare 10 minutes and it has definitely helped me think more clearly and has made me realise that although its been a bad day – tomorrow is a new day. Meditation can help so much if you find the right technique for you!

The book I loved this month was The Wife Between Us – I love thrillers and this one was recommended by so many book tubers! It was a compelling and twisty psychological thriller – it contains lies, secrets, manipulation and betrayal! such a good read!

The podcast I have been listening to this month is Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, I had finished listening to the first series, but there are new episodes and I literally love how honest and raw it is! My two favourites were Bryony Gordon and Grace Graham!

Finally, on Netflix this month, I enjoyed Fyre Festival which made me SO angry! I loved the concept of the documentary – I just hated the fact it had actually happened and the guy wasn’t bothered at all! I also watched Three Girls which was absolutely heartbreaking!! It is a BBC documentary, based on a true story of female underage trafficking in the UK. If you like crime and true events, then you’ll love it. It’s just a shame it was such a horrible thing that happened!

Let me know what you loved this month, and if there are any new things you’re going to try in March!

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