Alone but not lonely..

mental health

There is a very big difference between being alone and being lonely. Many people talk about being alone as something bad – yet, it could be your biggest asset. Some people like to feel that without being surrounded by people that they can’t be loved or accepted, but you’re stronger when you know you can be alone and still be loved. Overtime, I have grown to feel comfortable and know that I don’t need anyone to make me feel happy when I’m alone.

I know that sometimes everything can turn out fine the wrong way – just because things don’t class as being ‘normal’ by your morals, doesn’t mean its wrong. Sometimes it helps us look at a different perspective. Being young, we are subject to a wide range of moods we could be up one morning and down in the evening. When we are lonely, we blame ourselves and often resort to activities that exclude social interaction or productivity – such as watching too much Netflix.

Always remember the support you have and be grateful for having them in your life.

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