Films to watch this Valentines Day |


With it being Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I would share with you a few films which will be appropriate for the day!! Prepare yourself though, some are a tear-jerker.

Love Rosie – this is honestly one of my FAVOURITE films ever(!!). I don’t think I’ve watched this without crying, it gets me every single time. Such a heartbreaking love story!

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – I wouldn’t say this one will make you cry but it is such a beautiful story. It also concentrates on love for family which is always a winner!

The Notebook – A definite tissues at the ready film! It follows a story when a young couple fall in love but are soon separated because of their social differences, & erm hello Ryan Gosling.

Dear John – I think I have seen this film way over 100 times (no exaggerating). I absolutely love the story surrounding this – it’s so hard hitting!

Safe Haven – this is a romantic film but with a fantasy thriller story line! This is the one for you if you’re not all about tissues and soppiness.

And finally, Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging – this film gives me all the nolstagia feelings. This film was probably one of the first one I watched when I was a teenager and could totally relate! This is more of a ‘lets cringe at all the awful things they say’ film!

If you’re staying in this Valentines day, alone or with a person you love – then I hope this gives you some great film recommendations!

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