Valentine's Gift Guide | For Him

February 7, 2019

After Sunday’s Gift Guide for her, it went down so much better than I had expected – so tonight, I’m back with a gift guide for him! I personally find buying for a guy a lot harder (Charlie is the HARDEST to buy for), it seems that everything you want to buy them, they have. Or.. the best one, they’ll mention something they want and you’ll think ‘wonderful, i’ve got an idea now’ and then the next thing.. they’ve bought it for themselves! Anyway, I hope this list helps you in some way and gives you some idea’s of what you can get your favourite man for valentines day!

I mentioned watches in the women’s blogpost and knew it would be just as good for a male! The only thing with a male, they seem to be much more expensive – if you’re wanting to splurge out then the obvious option would be a Rolex. If that’s completely out of your comfort zone as I understand its v v pricey (££) then these options are always better:

Hugo Boss, Adidas, Armani.

If you have a boyfriend who’s into gaming:

PS4 Headset, Fifa 19 or EA Subscription.

Trainers: Gucci, Yezzy’s, Nike.

For the work-a-holic: Tie, Cufflink Set or Bag.

Necessities: Card Holder, Aftershave or a Grooming Kit.

I hope you’re able to pull some idea’s from this gift guide – if you have any other idea’s on what to get your other half for valentines day, then I’d love to know! This concludes the end of the gift guides, I hope you enjoyed them!

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