January Favourites |


January has literally felt like forever. It honestly feels like the longest month – it’s always the way after christmas, trying to get back into a normal routine. This January, I’ve worked really hard on banishing those january blues. I’ve made sure I’ve used my time more productively and concentrated more on myself. With that, it’s given me the opportunity to try new products, fall in love with old products and create a wish list longer than my arm.

That being said, this months favourites are definitely some of my favourites of all times!

My first favourite this month was Avant Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivfying Face & Night Cream, this product was one I received in Glossybox and I can honestly say it has become one of the best products – it really does rehydrate your face and get rid of those pesky red marks.

My next favourite this month has been Velvet Teddy by Mac, this is my holy grail lipstick and I honestly couldn’t live without it – it’s such the perfect shade for my skin tone and I really can’t rave about this enough. I know there are so many other lipsticks which could take the top stand – but for me, this is mine.

Another favourite has been the Camomile Cleansing Butter from Body Shop, again another old product which has made its way into my favourites. This cleanser works really well on my skin, it doesn’t leave hardly any residue after taking it off and it leaves my skin nice and soft. It also works really well with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. For £10, it really is a good high-street product.

My final physical favourite has been my Kindle, I got one for Christmas and I didn’t think I would use it just as much as I have been. It’s convenient to carry around and isn’t as heavy as carrying books. There are some great free books on Amazon Kindle and have also been able to purchase some new books! I can’t wait to take it on holiday with me.

In regards to Podcasts this month, I have been absolutely loving ‘At Home With’ By Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton! Whilst revising for my exams, I have loved having this on in the back, some of the episodes have been more interesting than others – but overall, it’s such a fun, quick and easy listen! Nothing too heavy!

Netflix – I didn’t watch Netflix until after my exams finished (9th) as I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep myself under control if I started watching something good, but after my exams finished, Charlie recommended to me to start watching ‘How to Get Away With Murder‘ and honestly, I’m absolutely loving it – there is so much drama. As a law student, I feel this is another student why I am enjoying it! I’m already gutted that I’m near the end as I feel it’ll be really hard to find something to top it!

That’s it for my favourites this month, I have definitely taken more care of my skin and because of this, I can see a difference! Let me know if there’s any products you can’t live without – or have recently discovered that you think I will too!

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