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Thoughtful Thursdays | Small Steps

January 17, 2019

Welcome back to Thoughtful Thursdays. Today we are going to concentrate on taking small steps. You may think there is pressure on you to complete things quickly and to do everything all at once – but its true, people that take small steps to success are often happier and more mindful. There is no rush into anythingEveryone has their own pace and its important to tell yourself that its not a race. These 3 steps will help you process your day, reflect and prepare for your next step.
Let Stuff Happen – one of the key points in mindfulness is acceptance. It can sometimes be hard to understand why things happen, but the best thing to do is try and accept the things that are happening – things happen for a reason. Next time you notice yourself becoming furious or anxious about the way things have turned out, try saying to yourself: “life goes on”, it may help you accept the situation so you can move on.
Mindful Mouthfuls – one way to practice mindfulness is to focus all your attention on what you are eating, but it can feel difficult to make the time to do this. If so, try making a point of focusing on just the first mouthful of anything you eat throughout the day.
Sit at Night – before you get into bed at night, try sitting on the end of your bed with both feet flat on the floor. Relax your shoulders and focus on your breathe. This tiny act will bring a greater sense of relaxation into your body and will help prepare you for sleep.
If there are any other ways you take small steps into completing something or just something you carry through day-to-day life, then please comment below so we can all find new ways to improve taking small steps!

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