Top 5 tips | Short Haul Flight Edition

January 13, 2019

After travelling a little bit over the past year, you soon pick up tips ‘n’ tricks for making your holiday easier. Therefore, I’ve put together 5 top tips for flying short haul – these may seem obvious to some people but if you’re an anxious flyer, the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is the flight.


1) A carry-on holdall only – easier to put everything into one small suitcase. If its a small trip you’ll be surprised by how much you can actually fit into a carry on case! This way you haven’t got the dreaded feeling of wondering if your case is going to come out of the carousel! 

2) Bring your own entertainment – usually with short haul flights, some aircrafts don’t supply entertainment so download something off Netflix, create yourself a playlist or have an audio book handy! Having background noise can cancel out whats happening on the plane. Especially if you’re anxious at take off and landing.

3)  Dress comfortably – but stylish – with a short haul flight, being dressed ready to explore will save you so much time. You dont quite feel like you’ve been in the same clothes all day – this also means you can pack more!

4) Arrive early – this is SO important and the last thing you want to be doing is rushing to your gate because its closing. Arriving early enough gives you enough time to relax. If there are delays, at least you can prepare and know that you haven’t got to rush looking for your terminal.

5) Eat – this is a mistake we all make.  We think because its only a short haul that you’ll be able to eat soon enough, yes you can get food on the plane but not a lot of people like plane food. The best thing to do is eat in a restaurant by your terminal or get food to take on the plane after you’ve passed security! One thing to keep in mind, remember there are others on the plane and there can be allergies – if you can, try and avoid nut based foods as you won’t be able to eat these if there’s someone with a nut allergy! 

I hope these tips come in handy if you’re travelling short haul any time soon! 

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