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January 3, 2019

Welcome! To a new series I’ve decided to start on my blog – all about mindfulness. There’s no lying that by mid-week we begin to flag, hoping and praying for the weekend to come quickly, all for it to flash by like a bullet. After discovering mindfulness, I’ve realised how even just the smallest of implementation into my life can have a huge effect on me.  So I’ve decided, to round up 3 things for you to sit and concentrate on.  None require huge amounts of commitments so when you’re feeling overwhelmed, I hope this is somewhere you’ll find peace.
This week I’ve rounded up 3 things which relate to ‘good times’. There are many different definitions as to what people interpret as a ‘good time’.  January is a brand new month, which comes with lots of new opportunities. December would have been full of good times with family and friends, but now it’s time to sit back, get into a routine and start taking care of your mental health too.
Brrr – one effective change you can make in your routine is to start your day with a cold shower.  You don’t have to freeze throughout your entire shower to recap the benefits – just turn the water to cold for the final 30 seconds.  There are many benefits from taking a cold shower – it increases alertness, improves immunity and circulation and speeds up muscle soreness and recovery!
Take five – if in the midst of your working day, you have something dull to do and are finding it hard to concentrate, try the 25-5 method (amazing!!). Set a timer for 25 minutes and commit that time to your task. When the buzzer sounds, take 5 minutes to do something that gives you pleasure – a short walk. This will help you re-focus your mind!
Eyes shut – if you have trouble dropping off at bedtime (all hands up), try closing your eyes and looking gently upwards as you breathe deeply. This is the natural position your eyes adopt when you are sleeping, and this simple movement can help you lull into a deeper state of rest!
Remember, if you feel like you’re having a busy week and you’re feeling stressed, make time for yourself, even if it’s 5 minutes – it will help! I hope you liked the first ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ and I really hope you start to implement these into your routine!

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