Our First Holiday | Canary Islands

October 7, 2018

Back in April/May, Charlie and I decided to book our first holiday together (eek)!!, although we had spent nights away together, a two week holiday together alone would definitely be something different.
So, In August, Charlie and I headed to Gran Canaria for our first holiday abroad. We wanted something sunny (tick), relaxing (tick) and inexpensive (tick).  We chose Gran Canaria as it was an adults own hotel we seen, which is what made us book.  We stayed at Ocean Hill, which was about a 30 minute transfer from the Airport.  The flight was 4hrs 30mins, after over an hour wait at Manchester Airport.
We booked with Thomas Cook, we had no problems booking with a travel agent as we knew the transport was booked and transfers were included.  The only problem we had was before we flew, 4 days before, Charlie received an e-mail saying we needed to select our room in the hotel (which we thought was included) and every single room was unavailable.  Obviously, I panicked and rang the Thomas Cook store we booked with, and (unfortunately), she couldn’t tell us what was happening – I was so upset.  So I went into my local Thomas Cook and the lady was SO unbelievably nice and told me I had nothing to worry about – it was just something that happened every now and again, and that infact, we did have a room and didn’t need to worry at all!
Ocean Hill was absolutely beautiful (on-top of the BIGGEST hill, but).  As we were going for 14 nights, we decided to go self-catering, and it was the BEST decision we made – many who went all inclusive said the food got repetitive.  Within the complex there was two private pools, one infinity pool and one main pool, evening entertainment and within walking distance of amenities – we had everything we needed.


There was two options for beaches, Puerto Rico and Playa D’Amadores, both which were completely different but equally beautiful.  The sands were so soft, the sea was completely blue and not overly busy.
We had so many walks to the beaches, both day and night and even ate there. There was so many different options for food, drinks and cocktails.  As we went self-catering, we were able to venture much more and this gave us flexibility about where we wanted to eat.

Ciao Ciao in Amadores had the BEST pasta ever (even if 99% of food I ate was pasta related), the spaghetti carbonara was absolutely incredible – now we understood why it was completely busy all day and night.  All of the Spanish were so welcoming and it was so lovely to have a friendly face – the only thing I will say (which I didn’t like) was being poached to go into a restaurant.  I understand that people have a business to run, but for me, it just put me off.
As we were there for so long, we were able to enjoy each day and didn’t have to cram everything in – there was a mini golf about 5 minutes from our complex, and for $5 for 18 holes, it was definitely worth it.  There were bars within walking distance where we could grab a drink, as were both not big drinkers it wasn’t a necessity if there wasn’t many – although their local beer was so refreshing on the hotter days.
We enjoyed a ferry across to Mogan, which was absolutely beautiful – all of the houses were so picturesque and they had a massive market which sold all their local products.  It was definitely worth the money, the boat trip was about an hour, and we stayed for most of the day, we ate lovely food and the drinks were nice too!

Charlie had been saying ALL holiday that he wanted Lobster.  We seen so many places in and around Amadores and he couldn’t quite decide which one – some of them were pretty small.  On the day we went to Maspalomas, he was completely adamant that he wasn’t leaving without having Lobster.  After walking around, we found a place called Grand Italia, where they had so many Lobsters. Once we arrived, Charlie explained he wanted a Lobster, which was HUGE. They definitely did not disappoint. He was very happy with it!

When we booked, we were told we were going at one of the hottest times (August-September), and they weren’t wrong.  I think we had two days where there was overcast, but for majority it was between 29-31.  On the day we went to Maspalomas, it reached 34 degrees, which was SO hot, it wasn’t unpleasant but you needed to make sure you had sun cream on and drank regularly.
Overall, the holiday was absolutely amazing and spending two weeks with Charlie was incredible, we understand each other so much so it was easy to spend time with him – it was like we had done it before!  He even put up with my ‘stroppy moments’ as he would call them (it was hanger).  I’m so excited to do even more holidays with my best friend!

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