Sitting here writing this just seems so surreal. I feel like I have ABSOLUTELY(!!) no idea what I’m doing but YET I have so much I want to say!
First, WELCOME! to my blog. This has been very much anticipated whether or not I would start one – comparing myself to others isn’t going to help.
ANYWAY – here we are.  I’m sophie, I’m a very big planner of anything I can & I like to take unnecessary pictures of pretty much everything (but my pug deserves all the pictures in the world).  This is my new little bubble where I can share things I feel deserve more than just a lil’ description on Insta.
I’m currently doing my Masters degree in Law and Banking, meaning my life for the next year is going to be totally crazy and pass by in a complete haze – but what saves me is knowing I have my own little place here.
Yet, I’m SO excited to start creating content, including hotspots, life rambles, lifestyle and travel posts with my best friend and love, Charlie.  We have trips planned for the next year so far and I can’t wait to share them all with you! I love making crazy experiences and can’t wait for this journey to begin!

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