Thoughtful Thursdays | The Stillness Within

mental health

Before we continue this week’s Thoughtful Thursday – I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who is following this series, I received so many messages from people saying that by using the steps it has really helped them to discover more about mindfulness, this makes me so happy.

Today, it’s time to concentrate on stillness. Often when we’re busy, we can forget the value of stillness. The gift we can give ourselves daily is that stillness can provide peace and calmness into your life. Stillness should result in freshness and not made to make you feel worse – you have enough in your life which overwhelms you already.

The long gaze – regularly stop what you are doing and take a minute to look into the distance, or to the far end of the room you are in. Soften your gaze so you’re not staring – but simply resting your eyes on the furthest point you can see. This will help your mind re-concentrate on what you are doing.

Natural cues – allow your feelings to come through, if you feel the need to have 5 minutes of silence, make sure its doing something you enjoy. If you work in an office and feel like you can’t leave, change your screen saver to an inspiring view of nature – this will lift your mood.

Walk it well – try integrating a short walk into your day, this will help introduce tranquility into your routine. If you drive to work – use the walk to your car as an opportunity to focus on the sensations of the soles of your feet.

I find that stillness is harder to grasp then simply taking yourself away from a situation. I’m hoping that by trying these techniques, I can bring some freshness and calm into my day!

Films to watch this Valentines Day |


With it being Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I would share with you a few films which will be appropriate for the day!! Prepare yourself though, some are a tear-jerker.

Love Rosie – this is honestly one of my FAVOURITE films ever(!!). I don’t think I’ve watched this without crying, it gets me every single time. Such a heartbreaking love story!

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – I wouldn’t say this one will make you cry but it is such a beautiful story. It also concentrates on love for family which is always a winner!

The Notebook – A definite tissues at the ready film! It follows a story when a young couple fall in love but are soon separated because of their social differences, & erm hello Ryan Gosling.

Dear John – I think I have seen this film way over 100 times (no exaggerating). I absolutely love the story surrounding this – it’s so hard hitting!

Safe Haven – this is a romantic film but with a fantasy thriller story line! This is the one for you if you’re not all about tissues and soppiness.

And finally, Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging – this film gives me all the nolstagia feelings. This film was probably one of the first one I watched when I was a teenager and could totally relate! This is more of a ‘lets cringe at all the awful things they say’ film!

If you’re staying in this Valentines day, alone or with a person you love – then I hope this gives you some great film recommendations!

Glossy box | February 2019


Hey Glossies!! I’m back this month to review the ‘Its All About Love’ Box for the month of February! It seems that there is any excuse to create a box all around a theme, and this month – you guessed it, it’s in relation to Valentines Day!

The sneak peak we received in January for February was:

Huda Beauty – Lip Contour in the colour ‘flirt’ or ‘venus’. I received the colour venus and I was more than happy – this was the colour I wanted! Flirt was a much lighter toned nude hue, whereas venus is much darker – perfect to pair with my Velvet Teddy. This is both waterproof and transfer free but is still completely nourishing! It is matte and can be used on its own or with lipstick/gloss! This product was full size and RRP is £16.00.

The next product was Nails Inc – Nail Varnish in the colour ‘Status Ready’ – as I get gel nails, I figured this will be perfect for me to take to the salon with me! Its a deep intense, cherry red hue! Its designed to be super long-lasting and glossy! Again, another full sized product and RRP is £15.00.

Luxie Beauty – A Medium Face Fan Brush, Number 560. I was so happy to receive a makeup brush, its nice to mix and match and try new things. This brush is cruelty free – something we’re seeing more of and I’m definitely ok with that. This brush can be used to apply powered highlighters to all of the best places – cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and collarbones! The brush is super soft, I can’t wait to try it out! Another full sized product and RRP is £15.00.

Vitamasque – Multivitamin Mask. This is the second product from Vitamasque in Glossybox since December, and I want to say I’m mad that we’ve not got another brand to test – but I literally loved the last one so I can’t wait to try this one! This one is formulated with nourishing vitamins and is supposed to leave your skin with a healthy glow! These masks are the perfect size, enough to cover your face and hardly any left overs! This product was the final full sized one and RRP is £4.99.

Finally, Regenerate – Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste. Now, I don’t know how I feel about receiving a toothpaste in a beauty/skincare box, but then again, we have to look after them pearly whites(!!). This toothpaste is designed to regenerate and strengthen your teeth and is enriched with NR-5 ingredients. I’m reluctant to try this as I have super sensitive teeth, but I will give it a go and see how I go. This was a deluxe mini and RRP is £2.50.

Again, 5 products in this months box worth a value of £53.49. As this month seems to be the month of giving, we also received some mini sample treats – ‘His & Hers’ Mugler Alien Fusion fragrances. This was a nice added bonus to the box and makes it feel more personal.

I can’t wait to see what’s inside March’s box – after looking at the sneak peak, it’s safe to say i’m very intrigued!