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Mental Health Monday’s | Hygee

July 29, 2019

Hiiii, Happy Monday & welcome back to MHM! I’m absolutely loving everyone’s engagement over on my Insta in relation to my MHM series, I feel like it has really opened up a space for people to talk freely and openly about how they’re feeling. Recently, I mentioned that I have been trying to incorporate mindfulness into my every day routine, whether it be through taking 5 minutes out of my day, or doing something a little bit more. I find that my sub-conscious now reminds me more often to find the time to introduce mindfulness into my day, it’s such an easy thing to do but if you haven’t tried your mind into believing you need to do it then you might find it a little harder.

As an avid book reader, I was recommended the book ‘the little book of hygee‘, which is a Danish way that people incorporate mindfulness into their minds. The book concentrated on things which is, may take for granted. As a person we may often stress about what we need to achieve to be happier in life, while the Danish are able to recognise the happier moments of joy that happen every day – and I feel like this is such an important thing. For every negative there could be 100 positives, but when you’re so used to concentrating on the negatives, trying to change your mindset can be hard. I have really loved reading the book and have even curated my own little list of things I feel I could concentrate on more. I’m a big worrier and over thinker, and have found ways in which I could potentially minimise the unwanted stress. 3 of the main things I feel I have learnt from the book is:

Snuggle down: make sure the space you’re spending time in, is a comfortable place to be, invest in some candles and help create the best light where you feel most relaxed. The warm, light of the candle is very hygee. Layering cushions and throws can also make a space much more inviting.

Share & Care: the main essence of hygee is togetherness. As we are in Summer, it is a perfect excuse to invite a couple of friends around for a formal BBQ or an evening of playing games, while the winter time means we tend to spend more of our times indoors – but always remember you can invite someone around to relax. It doesn’t always have to be hustle and bustle.

Love to linger: it’s easy enough to get into an overly busy frame of mind, and often sometimes harder to get out of one – once we’ve finished one thing, we then rush onto the next. Hygee, like mindfulness means we need to learn to savour the pause – it also means to give yourself more time for the things that bring you pleasure – curling up on the sofa and reading a book, doing yoga or meditating.

I feel like this book has really stuck with me and helped me integrate some more mindfulness ways into my day!


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