Autumn is the best |

October 28, 2018

Autumn is without a doubt, my favourite time of the year (obviously after Christmas, butttt).  Instead of hit and miss weather, sweating and BBQ’s everywhere, you can instead bask in the sweet scent of pumpkin everythannnng, be constantly warm and cosy and relish in all those new Netflix Picks you have on your list.  Now the nights are becoming darker and the weather is getting colder, I’m ready to wave goodbye to summer (this year was a bloody goodun’).  I am completely welcoming Autumn with open arms, here are a few reasons why I love autumn so much.

Food – my nan is the BEST cook ever – and having home cooked warm meals just fills me with happiness. Our house constantly smells amazing as nan cooks all the best cakes and comfort foods.
Fashion – is it just me or are A/W clothes SO much better than S/S? I LOVE being cosy in oversized knitted jumpers, big chunky boots and the biggest scarfs you can find. The best thing is boots go with everything so winner winner.
The TV becomes much better – I hardly ever watch TV, but theres something about the colder months that makes wanting to snuggle up on the sofa watching favourite films so much more appealing. Also, Neflix – it just gives you an excuse not to leave the house as its far too cold.
The leaves begin to change colour– there’s nothing nicer watching all of the crunchy leaves fall to the ground and seeing all the green leaves replaced with burnt oranges and crisp yellows. (obviously you need your obligatory shot of your feet and the leaves for the ‘gram).

Hot Drinks – coming in from the cold, there’s nothing better than a hot drink to warm you up. Hot chocolates and flavoured teas definitely make more of an appearance this time of year.
Cosy nights in – is there anything better snuggled up in the house, fire on, candles burning, and cosy blankets whilst its throwing it down outside? Cosy nights are also opportunities to spend more time with family and friends.
Carving pumpkins – now, technically this is more for the kids, but I become SO competitive when trying to re-create some of the good pumpkins, I usually end up using the drill to make holes and it becomes a round cheese.

Let me know what your favourite part about Autumn is!

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