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Mental Health Monday’s | How to self care

July 15, 2019

Hiiii, Happy Monday! I can’t believe we’re yet *another* week into July and that it’s nearly August, but that just means we’re one week closer to Florida!! *excited emoji* – I can’t wait!! As we’re into the Summer months it’s normal for things to crop up and today was my last counselling session for a while, on the one hand, the break will be good, but on the other hand, I kinda’ feel like I’m left feeling quite vulnerable. I just need to try and remember all the things I have done this past couple of months – today’s session was very light hearted and has helped me put together a list of ways to help self-care.

I’ll agree that self-care isn’t always at the top of my list – yet it’s one of the most important things when trying to look after your mental/physical health. So I’ve managed to write down some ways in which we can incorporate self care into our every day lives without feeling like you’re having to put the boat out!

1) Learn to forgive yourself – in any aspect. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and learn to accept that not everything can be 100%, whether you fail an exam, have an argument with someone you love or having been a good enough friend. Relieve yourself of the stress and that’s half the battle.

2) Take time away from your phone – a social media detox might be exactly what you need!

3) Buy yourself some flowers – you can always treat yourself and something as little as flowers can brighten not only your home, but also your mood!

4) Have routine – getting yourself into a regular routine will help with your mental state and help you feel much more relaxed.

5) Read a book or trash watch Netflix.

6) Allow yourself some breaks throughout the day – you may have 100 things to do on your list, but realistically, you still need to have mini-breaks.

7) Give yourself a reason to go out – you may have something to celebrate which is an easier excuse, but if you feeling like going to the cinema, then go. & if you feel like getting dressed up and going for a meal then go! Even on a school night.

8) Make time for people you love – it’s easy to feel isolated when our mental health is bad, always make sure you surround yourself with friends and don’t allow yourself to feel like you’re alone.

9) Have a bloomin’ nice hot bath – with candles and maybe a glass of wine!

10) Clean – even if your room is clean, have a mini de-clutter and you’ll feel so much better!

11) Smile.

12) It’s also important to have some alone time – take yourself for a coffee and get out of your usual environment.

13) Write down your feelings. You don’t have to share these with anybody – sometimes when there’s a lot going on in your mind, the easiest way to let it all out is to write it all down!

14) Do something for someone else – small gestures will also uplift your mood.

15) Spend time with your pet.

I hope you can incorporate some of these into your daily routine and that it really helps you practice self care!


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